Meet the people that make your stay memorable!





Kendra Tod - Assistant manager, Store clerk clean team and a great person. A “West Hawk Local” Kendra has been at CBC for nine seasons and will be happy to help with any of your needs.


Emma Harbottle- Store clerk, and cleaner 

Katie Wiebe- Store clerk and cleaner

Jenna Zimmerman-cleaner and part time clerk

Ty Harbottle-In charge of grounds and worms.  Ty keeps your BBQ's sparkling !!

Leanne Hayden--Store Clerk and cleaner

Bree Harbottle- Trainee

Baylee Harbottle-Trainee




Confusion the CAT - In charge of pest control and always making sure that there is siesta time in the afternoons.

Regal the Dog - Can often be found at the marina supervising swimming or at the cottages making sure that the BBQ’s are working and that everyone is eating dinner around 6PM.


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