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CBC store is located directly across from the main beach a hop, skip and a jump away. CBC store has been serving the public since the early 1900’s and continues to try and have the same old time customer first attitude. We are well known for our smiles and “thank- you ‘s “.   Visit our store for all of your treats from one-cent candies to ice cappuccinos. CBC store try’s hard to meet all of your needs. From fresh produce, to quick frozen dinners, icy treats and fresh brewed coffee we aim to meet your every day out door appetite.

 CBC Laundry-Mat

For your convenience we also continue to have a laundry mat – new place – same great facility. The laundry-mat can be located behind the store, and the hours of operation are 24/7 for all you’re washing and drying needs. All items needed to make your laundry day at the lake easier, can be purchased in the store.
CBC STORE offers the following items:

Frozen items – For your BBQ NEEDS:   steak, chicken and burgers, along with ground beef.

  • Pizza, wings, dinners, pizza pops, fries, fish sticks
  • Large ice cream tubs, deserts, cakes, and pies
  • Eggos, hash browns, breakfast sausage

Produce – seasonal only (July and August)

  • Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, bananas, apples, watermelon
  • Limes, lemons, garlic,
  • Corn, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, lettuce
  • Salad in a bag, coleslaw
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes

Movies – assortment of top rental movies

Leisure Food – Chips, chocolate bars, pop, novelty ice cream, sunflower seeds

Candy counter – a must see at CBC store, check out our bulk candy or dedicated staff have trouble keeping up with demand for grab bags.

Dairy – milk, eggs, bacon, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, cheese, creamers, butter, orange juice, apple juice and more.

Coffee area – fresh coffee, hot or cold cappuccino’s, frozen pop beverages

Bakery – twice a week fresh baking comes in from Hill Top Bakery

Grocery items  - from family pkg cookies and baking needs to household cleaners and laundry supplies, we hope to meet your camping needs.

Hardware – we have a variety of items for the forgetful camper in you, i.e.: tent pegs, utensils, frying pan, cards, table cloths, flash lights.

On site gas and propane bar at competitive pricing.  We offer the exchange propane program, or a fill, your choice.

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